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Hangzhou Xuan Ding textile limited company is an enterprise specialized in the production of composite fabric production and processing, sales, waterproof breathable composite PTFE, TPU, PU, film, composite is mainly engaged in textile fabrics, clothing fabric, home furnishing supplies all kinds of fabric; the streets of Xintang company is located in the beautiful scenery, convenient transportation of Hangzhou District of Xiaoshan city.

The company take special composite technology, can maintain the greatest degree of PTFE, TPU film, breathable, windproof, waterproof and thermal properties, composite products with a soft, high peel strength, resistant to washing, low temperature resistance, stable quality of raw material; composite processing using all of the environmental protection material, non-toxic, tasteless.

Companies abide by the "integrity first," heavy contract, keep credit, guarantee product quality, with many varieties of management features, the principle of small profits and the most professional business and technical guidance, and won the customers trust and support in the field, we have beautiful and rich life of people's sense of social responsibility, we would like to the advantages of various resources and industry colleagues to share existing upstream and downstream, broaden the channels of cooperation, the formation of the industrial chain, supply chain, hand in hand with the progress, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development.